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Huat A Lobang – Terms & Conditions

Last updated 5 February 2024



This “Huat A Lobang” C2B Lender Referral Program (“Program”) is organized by Poss Capital(“Poss Capital”). 


By participating this Program, the participant/Referrer agree that he/she;

  1. undertakes to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 and all subsidiary legislation related thereto (the “Act”) and shall assist Poss Capital to comply with the Act;
  2. warrants that he/she has obtained the appropriate consent under the Act from the Referred Company to permit him/her to disclose the Referred Company’s personal data to Poss Capital for the purposes of the Program and for Poss Capital to contact the Referred Company for the purposes of the Program using the contact details provided by the Referrer to Poss Capital;
  3. warrants that he/she has obtained consent under the Act from the Referred Company to permit Poss Capital its related corporations (in Singapore and/or elsewhere) and such other third party to collect, use, disclose and/or process the Referred Company’s personal data for the purpose of the Program and/or any other purposes related thereto;
  4. warrants that, to the best of his/her knowledge, the Referred Company’s personal data that he/she is disclosing to Poss Capital is accurate. The participant/Referrer shall give Poss Capital notice in writing as soon as reasonably practicable if he/she is aware that any such personal data has been updated and/or changed after such disclosure;
  5. undertakes to inform Poss Capital as soon as reasonably practicable if he/she is aware that the Referred Company has withdrawn such consent as set out in sub-paragraphs (iii) and (iii) above; 
  6. consents to Poss Capital disclosing the his/her name to the Referred Company for the purposes of the program and/or any other purposes related thereto; and
  7. confirms that he/she has read and agrees (and procures that the Referred Company has read and agrees) to be bound by the terms and conditions governing “Huat A Lobang” C2B Lender Referral Program.

Poss Capital shall reserve the rights to vary (whether by addition, deletion, modification, amendment or otherwise howsoever) (“Amendment”) any of the Terms and Conditions of this Program and to cancel, terminate or suspend the Program with sufficient prior notice by way of posting on Poss Capital website and/or other means of communication that may be deemed appropriate by Poss Capital. 


Poss Capital shall reserves the right at its discretion to disqualify any participant and/or to retract or forfeit the reward from any participant if Poss Capital believes the said participant has undertaken fraudulent practice and/or activities to earn the reward or undertake any activities that are or may be harmful to this Program or to Poss Capital.


For the avoidance of doubt, cancellation, termination or suspension of the Program shall not entitle any of the participants to any claim or compensation against Poss Capital for any losses or damages suffered or incurred by the participants as a direct or indirect result of the act of cancellation, termination or suspension. 


All content and materials related to the program, including intellectual property, are the exclusive property of Poss Capital, and participants are prohibited from using them without express written permission from Poss Capital.


By joining this Program, the participants are also deemed to have read, understood, and further agree to be bound by our Privacy Policy accessible here.


These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by and construed under the laws of Singapore.


9th February 2024 to 10th March 2024 both dates inclusive.



This Program is open to all individuals except, individuals employed by Poss Capital, as well as their immediate family members and affiliates.


The participant shall refer a new customer (“Referred Company”) to Poss Capital using his/her referral code or by sharing the Referred Company’s details in the referral form during the Program Period (“Referrer”).


The Referred Company includes any Singapore-registered Private Limited companies, including Limited Liability Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies. 


The Referred Company must be a new customer to Poss Capital, with no record of having completed a loan application or accepted a loan offer previously.



Referrals for self, including self-referrals, or entities owned or controlled by the Referrer are not eligible.


Management consultancy firms and their employees with an existing referral arrangement with Poss Capital are not eligible.


Referrals involving existing Poss Capital customers will not qualify for the reward.


Referrals will be deemed invalid if the potential borrower has already initiated contact with Poss Capital directly or through another referral program.



Referrer may participate in this program by completing the Poss Capital referral form to obtain his/her unique referral code (“Referral Code”).


The Referrer has two (2) options;

  1. Share his/her Referral Code with the Referred Company and the Referred Company enter the said Referral Code in the designated ‘Referral Partner Code’ section on the application page of the Poss Capital website.
  2. Insert the details of the Referred Company in the referral form for Poss Capital to contact them.

Referrers can submit multiple Referred Company to Poss Capital. However, eligibility for the cash reward is subject to the successful application and subsequent fund disbursement to the said Referred Company.



Referrer who have met all the Terms and Conditions during the Program Period will be entitled to receive cash reward (“Reward”) for each successful referral, as follows:

Loan Amount $20,000 or more: Reward Amount $88

Loan Amount Less than $20,000: Reward Amount $58


For a referral to be considered successful, the Referred Company must:

  1. Apply for a loan through the Poss Capital website by 10th March 2024;
  2. Fulfil all loan conditions and complete the loan agreement, including the inclusion of the Referrer’s details; and
  3. Have the loan disbursed to the Referred Company.

If the loan is successfully disbursed, the Reward will be paid by 30th April 2024 or within thirty (30) days of loan disbursement (whichever is later) to the Referrer’s designated bank account, as provided during the referral process.