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Poss offers you access to Payd by tapping into your unpaid account receivables and receiving up to 80% of your invoice amount so your business can grow faster.

Invoice financing

Free up available funds and manage your repayment

Use invoice financing to manage your cash flow, pay your suppliers on time or to further extend payment terms to other buyers. We understand that a lump sum repayment immediately after receiving your invoice payment would drastically impact your cash flow. With Payd, repayment is broken down into 3 equal payments so that you will be able to effectively manage your business.

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Receive up to S$100,000 loan quantum at as low as 1.2% per month and repay in 3 equal monthly installments.

Skip the wait and get Payd from your invoices

Getting a business loan doesn’t have to be complicated. Poss makes it easier so you can get access to your funds in just 4 simple steps!

Business loan
Simple Borrowing Requirements

Complete your application with a few simple documents like your identity proof, income and bank statements, and invoices.

Business loan Singapore

Fill out your application and submit it online in less than 10 minutes.

Small business loans
Check Application Status

Check the status of your application online. A real-time review process means you’ll receive an update in no time.

SME Loan
Your Funds

Get access to your funds quickly, so you can spend the money on things that are truly important for your business.

More Reasons to Get Payd with Poss

Ease of Application

All it takes is ten minutes to fill out our fuss-free online application and connect your business account.

Transparent Fees

With our transparent and affordable fee structure, you’ll never have to worry about additional fees or unpleasant surprises. Along with our no prepayment penalty policy, you will never be penalised for paying off your loan sooner.

Flexible Access

No prepayment penalties. Use what you need and pay for just that. Poss offers you flexible access to your funds, so you’ll always be in control.

Repay In Small Installments

By dividing it into 3 equal amounts payable, you will be able to effectively manage your business cash flow.


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Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Payd is an Invoice Financing loan offered by Poss Capital that allows you tap into your unpaid invoices or account receivables and receive up to 80% of your invoice amount. This is not a pre-approved credit line.

We understand that small and medium-sized enterprises face issues such as cash flow being tied in account receivables or delayed payments, adversely affecting business operations. Poss provides access to additional sources of capital, allowing you to receive your funds in advance so you can spend the money on things that are truly important for your business.

You’ll need to be a Limited Liability Partnership or Exempt Private Company limited by shares incorporated in Singapore. In addition, you’ll need to have invoices on credit terms that have yet to lapse, preferably with recurring payments from your buyers.

We will not be able to proceed with the application if the credit terms on the invoice provided have lapsed. Additionally, we are unable to lend to Sole-Proprietorship and Partnership at the moment.

The invoices submitted for the application will be pledged as collateral for the loan. This means that you are limited to one financing per invoice. However, you may submit multiple invoices from the same buyer for the application. We will also request for key stakeholders within the business to provide personal guarantees for the loan.

No, they will not be aware that Poss has financed your invoices or account receivables as it is non-notified. However, you will still be liable for the debt in the event of a non-payment from your buyer. Poss Capital reserves the right to seek remedies against the receivables pledged.

Your loan application will be reviewed through a data-driven yet flexible approach by understanding various information across your business, focusing on the creditworthiness, ability to repay and your current business needs. This could result in different LTV ratios ranging from 50% to 80% of the total invoice amount.

Upon successful submission of your loan application, we will revert back to you on the results within 48 hours. You will receive an email and/or loan agreement requesting for digital signature(s), outlining the offer, including but not limited to approved loan quantum, pricing, due dates and monthly repayments. We will disburse the funds into your main operating account within 24 hours of the completion of the loan agreement.

There are no hidden fees and no prepayment penalties. Use what you need and pay for just that. You can make early repayment whenever you receive your payments. Be in control with your funds and indicate to us your preferred channel for loan repayments.